Dome Labels

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Dome Labels.

Dome Labels { Lens Labels / PU Coated labels / Emblems / Logos / Buttons etc. } also known as ‘Product Enhancement Labels’. Resin used in these Labels is Crystal Clear RoHS Compliant Polyurethane Resin.
These have Excellent outdoor durability. On exposure to UV, there will be no yellowing or any tint being developed in the Clear Polyurethane Resin. The surface would not crack, the Label would not shrink. Urethane dome labels are resistant to salt, chemicals, cleaners, and most solvents. PU Dome labels also "heal" themselves when they get scratched.
Dome Labels can be provided in various shapes and sizes, in various colours , including metallic colours. Besides the regular colours these can be provided in Mirror Silver Finish, Holographic/ Laser Finish, Brushed Steel Finish etc. Printing can be a four colour half-tone picture or can be a line artwork in various Pantone Shades. The range & the designs are limited only by your imagination.
Fastest turn around time. Adhesive will adhere well to plastic, metal, powder coat, glass, and wood.