Fascia Panels

Front Panel Fascias , Name-plates ,Overlays etc.

We are termed as Crackerjacks in this product range not just by our Satisfied Customers but even by our Rivals. Besides, we have the fastest turn around time in the Industry.

Base Material : Polycarbonate / Polyester
1. These can be provided in various finishes (viz. Gloss/Polished, Matt, Velvet, Suede etc.) in different standard available thickness.
2. With a wide range of colours to select from -- metallic or non-metallic --- different densities of glitter/ sparkle can be provided in metallic shades.
3. Can provide selective chrome (i.e. mirror finish ) gold / silver or holographic effect.
4. With or without embossing of the desired shape & of desired height within the tolerance range.
5. To suit the substrate on which the panel is applied, the adhesive will be accordingly provided.

Dead Front Back Lit Applications -- used in the Home Appliances Industry, used by various Industrial Equipment Manufacturers ( for Name plates), used as Indicator Panels in Vehicles, etc..

Polycarbonate : Polycarbonate used is of GE Plastics..the brand name being LEXAN. LEXAN polycarbonate films offer an unusual combination of features including clarity, dimentional stability, toughness, flexibility, heat resistance. The versatile performance of these products suggests a variety of applications including nameplates, packaging, cable wrapping, automotive instrument clusters, membrane switch overlays,and others.

Polished /Gloss : Virtually defect free.Particularly effective for LED/LCD windows.
Matt : Light Diffuser. Hides filaments and eliminates "hot spots" in back lit applications. Offers reduced surface reflections and gloss. Hides scratches, fingerprints and marring for heavy-use applications.
Polyester: Compared to polycarbonate, polyester is much more chemically inert. It is comparatively much more abrasion resistant, heat resistant --- more stable at higher temperatures. It is also used for Industrial applications where wear n tear and abuse of the product is likely. Is always preferred/ specified to be used in Membrane Switches.

Polyester has a much higher Flex life as compared to polycarbonate. Flex life= the number of actuations that can be made with the embossed button without the material cracking. It is about 5 million for polyester..and about 5 lakhs for polycarbonate.