Outdoor Graphics

These are Self Adhesive Labels used for the Decoration and Markings of Vehicles of various types & for other Equipments exposed to weathering or requiring a long life{ durability}.
4 Wheelers
2 Wheelers
Shipping Containers
Coolers –exposed to UV Light –kept outside shops
Farm Equipments—Tractors & Tillers
Outdoor units of Airconditioners
Buses , Tankers , Aircrafts , etc..

These are converted from High Quality Vinyls-----Vinyls which can withstand extreme weathering.

Basic properties expected from these labels are :
Long life , around 5- 7 years Outdoor*
Able to withstand elevated Temperatures
Resistant to Gasoline , Oil , Salt Spray

These labels are mostly offered with a removable Application Tape.
For Printing, special Inks & Overcoats are used which are light fast ( resistant to UV light ) will not fade on outdoor exposure ,in Tropical Conditions ( Indian Climate )

* Outdoor : when we mention outdoor…it basically means that the label has to be resistant to outdoor climatic changes. The most detrimental factor for outdoor labels is the UV Light…besides the rain ( salt/ acid etc.), abrasion(during cleaning), PLUS the gasoline that at times falls on the labels.
Can provide labels which will last from 2 to 10 years or more if required
Printing can be provided in various Pantone Shades , metallic or non-metallic