POP Labels

Removable / Low Tack Labels ( for LED's , LCD's , Refrigeratore , Laptops ... )

These are Self Adhesive Labels specifically designed to be used on white / grey goods----Refrigerators, Television Screens, Microwave Ovens, front body of Washing Machines etc.. as 'Body Graphics'.

The Adhesive is so formulated that it does not leave any marks on the substrate after the label has been removed ,hence your refrigerator/television does not require any cleaning with soap water or any solvent to remove the adhesive marks that are usually left behind by other common labels.
These are labels that are Internationally used on most of the white / grey goods.

REMOVABILITY : Upto 1 Year (can be removed and applied time and again) Only precaution to be taken while applying / reapplying the label is that the surface where the label is being applied should be cleaned of any dust / dirt / oil / grease .