Retro Reflective Labels

Ulralites ( Retro Reflectives )These labels do not fall strictly under Vehicle Graphics but have a wider application. In some countries it is mandatory for some type of vehicles to be decorated with Retro Reflectives.
In India the use of this on vehicles is mostly restricted to Bumper Labels—basically for advertising/ promotional purposes. The other most common application is Road Markers, lamp posts and Road Signs, on sail boats, life jackets etc..
Basic Working of these types of Labels

In the dark, when light is incident on these labels they reflect back the incident light --giving an appearance of glowing. But one thing should be borne in mind --the label only reflects the light received by it, in the absence of a light source it has no brightness.
These are very useful Labels and provide an additional safety factor for Vehicles. These are much superior to the traditionally used plastic moulded reflectors…… having superior light reflecting properties and an enhanced life PLUS easy application
These labels again are Self-Adhesive Vinyl Labels having the same outdoor* properties as the earlier metioned ‘Long-Life Vinyl’. Various Colours can be provided in these types of labels too.
Can provide labels which will last from 2 to 10 years or more if required