Destructible Labels

Vandal Proof Labels / Tamper Proof Labels / Destructible Labels
The basic property one wants of these Labels is that --- once these Labels are applied it should not be possible for any miscreant to be able to remove them. Therefore these Labels are made on such material that doesn't allow the Label to come of in one complete piece --- these Labels have an inbuilt tendency to break off in minute pieces if one tries to remove them, after having applied the label on the substrate.
These kinds of labels are used in various Industries such as White goods, Grey goods, is used in the Electronics Industry, Telecom Industry etc.. The Labels are applied on each important part of the equipment e.g. IC's --- and usually there is a monthly /yearly code preprinted on these seals, for manufacturers identification.

These labels can be provided with continuous Serial Number or with BarCoding …as required.
Illustrated below are the properties of these labels/seals:

• Very Good Break off properties
• Excellent adhesion --- any substrate
• Long life { resistant to water, grease, gasoline, etc. }
• Can withstand high Temperatures

  • Void Film Labels

    Mp>These are special labels which leave behind a unique pre-designed pattern if the label is removed after having applied to the substrate. So the label once applied, cannot be removed from one compressor and stuck onto another compressor {say a fake one} cuz the label will have a unique pattern all across it and hence it will be clearly evident that some tampering as been done. As illustrated below:

    Applied Label { for the first time }
    Removed Label
    One can see the pattern all across it
    The pattern left behind on the substrate

    • These Labels have a high Tack Adhesive
    • These Labels can withstand the high temperatures attained by the compressors
    • They are resistant to water / detergent and mild cycles of gasoline
    • They have an advantage of being clearly visible cuz of mirror finished silver
    • Text can be easily read because of contrast provided by the black lettering on silver background
    • The labels cannot be easily Duplicated

    Can also use 'Holograms' on the Serial Number Labels as shown below. It further emphasizes the Genuinity of your product. If interested we can provide you details on various types of 'Holograms'.